Celebrating 100th appearance on Stargate SG-1 !!!

Gary Jones first appeared in Stargate SG-1's very first episode "Children of the Gods". This was the pilot episode for the series. Jonesy's character in the series "Walter Harriman" has gone through several name changes and also promotion and is still going strong in the unprecedented 10th season.

Over the years, the role of Walter Harriman has become a lot more involved than just saying "Chevron 7 locked....." etc. He now works a lot more with Beau Bridges and has many comical scenes. Jonesy is the only recurring guest star to have appeared as many as 100 times on the show.

To add to his success on the show he has even had a handful of appearances on the successful spinoff series Stargate Atlantis, which is well in to it's 3rd season.

Jonesy never thought that he would still be going this strong after 10 years. His fan base has become enormous over the last few years and he has met many of them across the global at various conventions.

This very special occasion for Gary Jones is even more special due to the fact that his 100th appearance coincides with the 200th episode of the series. This is a huge milestone for both Jonesy and the show, and is definitely an episode that will always be remembered.

Come over to Jonesy's forum on Galaxy of Stars and join in congratulating him on a job well done!


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