Latest news from Gary Jones
07-Feb-06 - Gary is announced for the StarFest Event
Gary will be attending StarFest in Denver, CO. He will be performing with Dean Haglund in a two-man comedy show on the Friday and Saturday evenings in the Aspen Theatre. Visit the calendar page.
28-Jan-06 - Jonesy's Blog update at GateWorld
Gary has revisted his Blog over at GateWorld and has given a cracker of a story! If you feel in the mood for a good old laugh then head over to GateWorld and check it out now! Blog
20-Jan-06 - Gary Jones website has got a new look!
That's right! The new website of Jonesy is launched! The new site is born of a collaboration between Andrew Clarke, the owner of Galaxy Of Stars and Gilles Nuytens, the founder of The Scif World. It also comes with it's own domain: Enjoy!
20-Jan-06 - Jonesy's Blog on GateWorld
Gary Jones has a Blog on GateWorld. To view his blog, visit GateWorld.
20-Jan-06 - Hollywood Is Calling!
Gary Jones gets signed up to Hollywood Is Calling! Hollywood Is Calling was created to make it possible for people all across the globe to be inspired and entertained by live phone calls from actual celebrities. Find out more here: Hollywood Is Calling!
20-Jan-06 - Walter Harriman- Fast approaching 100 episodes!
The character Walter Harriman played by Gary Jones in Stargate SG-1 is fast approaching his 100th episode appearance. Walter has appeared in SG-1 since Season 1 and has reached 91 episodes by mid 9th season. Considering the series has not yet reached it's 200th episode I think that's a pretty big acheivement for a recurring guest star. Well done Jonesy!
03-Jun-05 - Photos from Motor City Con
Gary Jones recently attended the Motor City Con in Detroit in May. Judith Hoffmann has very kindly provided us with photos taken at the Event. Click here to see the images: Motor City Con Photos.
13-May-05 - Jonesy at Gatecon 2005!
Gary Jones will be attending this years Gatecon Event. Gary has lots planned for his appearance, such as, time on the stage to chat and answer questions, teaching a Comedy Improv Workshop where he will be picking some lucky students to perform an improvised episode of Stargate Sg-1. Gary is really looking forward to Gatecon and hope to see as many of you there!!!! For further details on the Event, visit the website: GATECON.
03-May-05 - Creation Cancel SG-1 Convention in Frankfurt, Germany
Creation have unfortunately cancelled their Convention in Frankfurt on the weekend of the 23rd July 05.
12-Mar-05 - Jones / DeLuise DVD Commentaries
Today Gary told fans that himself and Peter DeLuise have been producing commentaries for episodes: Reckoning Parts 1 & 2 and Moebius Parts 1 & 2. See his announcement on his Official Message Board
03-Mar-05 - Walter Harriman in Season 9
Today Gary announced some news relating to his SG-1 character Walter Harriman in Season 9. This news contains a small spoiler, so if you wish to see the announcement then visit his Official Message Board
28-Feb-05 - Stargate SG-1: The Alliance
Today Gary confirmed that in addition to providing his voice for his character in the upcoming video game, he will also be voicing 2 other characters: Minister Farron and Grunt #1. See his announcement on his Official Message Board.
23-Feb-05 - "The Alliance" and Season 9!
Today Gary Jones confirmed that he will be providing his voice for the Character of Walter Harriman in the upcoming Stargate SG-1 video game. Gary also revealed that he will be appearing in the first to episodes of Season 9 of SG-1. See his announcement on his Official Message Board.


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